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      Jessica Shestko-a Mother of 2 is originally from Colorado Springs,Colorado.  Jessica'a love for music came at the age of 5. While living in Spangdahlem Germany she fell in love with Madonna and WILL one day sing with her.

She Has been in choir since elementary school and is currently a performer and Assistant to TST Enterprisez. Although she has an Associates Degree in Accounting and in Business Management music is where her heart lies and where she feels the most complete.  

Jessica has been on TV for a local talent competition at the Desert Diamond Casino (in Tucson, Arizona) called "Lucky Break" , auditioned for American Idol in 2004 in NV and the Voice in Denver 2014 where she got a call back but didn't make it to LA for blind judges but does plan to audition again.

Jessica does karaoke every chance she gets and loves to dance, sing, and being silly to make people laugh. With love for music in so many genres to include EDM, Gothic-Industrial-Dance, Rock, Pop, Classic Rock and so many more one day Jessica would love to make music of her own. She would like to thank her very close friends that will forever be forever be in her heart and family for their constant love and support.

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Photo by Shawn Gorritz

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