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Lyn Fritts- Backup Singer

Lyn comes from a very creative family. Her father was a performer in the Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre in Alaska who possessed a magnificent voice, and her mother was a member of the Sweet Adeline’s ladies choir. Her brother and sister are each accomplished musicians and all three children received the gift of their parents’ voices, a gift that will forever be cherished.

Having performed in public since age 16, she has been the front woman of her own jazz ensemble for many years. Most comfortable as a traditional Jazz / Blues singer, she has been influenced by numerous genres and countless artists…. from Classical to Zydeco, from Alpha Blonde to Stevie Wonder. Her fascination with world music began at a very early age, resulting from extensive travels through Europe, the Mediterranean, Central and South America, and, more recently, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Lyn possesses a Bachelor of Science in Printing Technology and a Minor in Graphic Design, as well as an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Dental Laboratory Technology. As well as being a vocalist, she is also a professional artist and a Dental Laboratory Technician.

Check out Some of Lyn’s gorgeous artwork.  Contact us at info@kbassmusic.com for more info.

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