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Photo by Do Pham Nguyen

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“Come Back to Me Baby”

K-Bass first ROCK SONG.  A single release. You will be humming “Come Back to me Baby” for days. Enjoy!

“K-Bass Sings U.S. National Anthem”

K-Bass was invited to sing the US national anthem for a large annual gathering of first responders and retirees on September 11, 2015.

Cessez Le Feu Live at the Historic Rialto Theater in Tucson , Arizona, from the Album “La Liberte”.  

“Yuwa” Live at the Historic Rialto Theater in Tucson , Arizona, from the Album “Too Much Negativity”.  

Faso” Live at the Historic Rialto Theater in Tucson , Arizona.  

From the Album “Faso”.


 From the Album “Faso”.

Djigui Music Video Starrig K-Bass and Farafina Musiki from the Album “La Liberte”.  

Court International

 From the Album “Faso”.  

Nothing Left

 From the Album “Faso”.  


 From the Album “Faso”.  

Kelemagny  (Live Performance)

 From the Album “Faso”.  

"J'ai Besoin De Ton Amour"

 From the Album “Faso”.  

LA GALÈRE  (Live Performance)

 From the Album “Faso”.  

K-Bass Sings the U. S. National Anthem November, 2014.

(Live Performance)

Aminata Photo Video

(Live Performance)

 From the Album “La Liberté”.  

“We Will Miss You Forever”

A deeply thoughtful song dedicated to a friend of K-Bass who passed away and to all of those we’ve loved who have left this world.

A Home Made Workout Video

How does K-Bass stay in shape in between concerts? Follow along and find out.